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Georgina Wilson headlines at MK11 Live Music Venue

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

MK11 Live Music Venue was graced by an all-female-led event, full of very talented individuals. (View images below)

The stage for the evening was home to Ruby Mae Crockett, F4wnkiss, Selina, and headlined by Georgina Wilson.

These independent musicians worked their magic and transformed MK11 into a beautifully ethereal and enchanting scene.

Their voices and their energies certainly matched the vibe.

You wouldn’t believe it, but this was a first performance for some and even Georgina herself has only been taking to the stage since the beginning of this year. (23)

It was an honour to be present in a female-led event, full of female empowerment. Even the sound engineer was female! Love it.

After the mixture of unique soft sounds, melodies, and tranquil instrumentation arranged and delivered by Ruby Mae Crockett, F4wnkiss, and Selina, I got to experience a live acoustic show by Georgina Wilson.

Georgina started to pursue singing and songwriting during the pandemic and has described her music as fun, a bit folky, and lyrically honest. I think we all love music with great, honest, and relatable words which Georgina definitely brings forth.

Georgina has been inspired by acoustic guitar-heavy artists such as Adrianne Lenker and Billie Marten when growing up, and now also listens to a lot of Lana Del Ray, Wunderhorse, and more.

She shows great versatility in styles and skills in playing guitar, songwriting, and singing. As she delves more into new inspirations and more experiences, she will only grow even more.

A very exciting artist and musical journey to see, watch and support.

Considering Georgina hasn’t been performing for very long, you can’t tell as she emits very natural and confident energy as if she is no stranger to the stage.

Her tone of voice is very warm, flowing, and feathery, so easy on the ears and certainly captivating.

Accompanied by her acoustic guitar rhythmic finger picking and catchy chords, engaging and relatable song lyrics, all combined with Georgina’s gentle and bubbly personality…

Leaves no question, that she is a brewing potion of a flourishing and true musician.

And I am now a new fan!

Catch mine and Georgina’s conversation below after her performance.

You can listen to Georgina Wilson’s independently released tracks on all major streaming platforms, she will be releasing a brand new single called ‘Bad Idea’ soon!



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