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  • Jodie Erica

Local band Blunden is breaking through with newly released EP 'Out of Love'!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Blunden had everyone rocking out at The Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes Thursday evening (15/06).

Their EP showcase saw many talented supporting bands take the stage such as Reverie, State of Mind, The Tarrows, and French Mothers. It was an evening full of energetic, spirited, and downright awesome music.

Blunden is definitely a band to watch. This was the first show of 3 in total for their EP showcase and mini-tour, and they came through with nothing but high energy, emotion, humour, and fun! There is nothing better than watching not only musicians but friends enjoy themselves on stage.

Even though Blunden consists of 3 band members, Adam, Joel, and Dan, it sounds like a full piece. Each song was performed fantastically, they sound like they have been sharing the stage together for many years.

Blunden's EP contains so many killer instrumentals and groovy grooves, their skills, and abilities really shine through and also gel so nicely with Adam's smooth and distinctively toned vocals. Joel comes in with harmonies and verses on their tracks too which adds such a cool and diverse sound as a whole to the band.

The evening was a great experience, and that's exactly what makes an audience become true listeners. 'Out of Love' can be listened to on all major streaming platforms right now, and I highly recommend supporting your local bands including Blunden, and giving it a listen.

Although, you can't beat experiencing a real live show, in the flesh, and this is 100% recommended by me - go to a local show and experience it for yourself!

Blunden is not one to miss.


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