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thesingerwhopaints serves as a comprehensive creative agency and blog, offering diverse content creation and marketing solutions tailored to businesses.

Established by Jodie Erica, an independent singer and writer hailing from Milton Keynes, the company is driven by a profound commitment to fostering meaningful connections through various mediums, such as music, critiques, and editorial pieces.

Backed by a team of seasoned digital marketing experts, thesingerwhopaints is dedicated to providing steadfast support for businesses in realising their projects' objectives.

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"Long before I discovered my ability to sing or craft melodies, I found solace in writing. It became my refuge, a sanctuary I've sought solace in ever since. Over time, its influence has woven itself into the fabric of my life, expressing itself in wondrous ways.

My journey led me to explore various forms of writing, enriched by my tenure in radio stations. Here, I discovered a newfound joy in crafting content beyond the written word. Collaborating with businesses, I thrive on devising innovative strategies to link them with their communities through diverse digital marketing channels, including engaging presenter-style videos.

My profound love for music fuels my dedication to supporting fellow independent artists and bands. Whether through dynamic marketing campaigns, insightful reviews, curated playlists, or invaluable resources, I am committed to amplifying their voices. I aspire to continue this mission, fostering strong connections within these vibrant communities, and establishing thesingerwhopaints as a trusted ally to many."

Jodie Erica

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