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thesingerwhopaints is a platform that provides content creation and marketing for businesses within the food, leisure, and music industries. 

Founded by Milton Keynes-based independent singer and writer Jodie Erica, who has a strong passion for creating connection through words whether it be via a song, a review, or an article for a few examples. 

thesingerwhopaints has a trusted team of digital marketing professionals that help support businesses with their projects. 

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"Before I knew I could sing or create songs, I was a writer. Writing was always a great escape for me, and has been one ever since. It has started to manifest in many marvellous ways in my life, being able to gain more experience within different types of writing as I have gone on.

Having experience working in radio stations, I found lots of new enjoyable ways to create content alongside writing. I love working with businesses and finding ways to connect them to the community through different types of digital marketing and content, including unique presenter-style videos. 

I am super passionate about music and finding ways to support my fellow independent artists and bands whether this be through various types of marketing and content creation, reviews, playlisting, recourses and more. I hope to continue on this work finding many more ways to support these communities, and thesingerwhopaints to become a good trusted contact of many in these communities." 

Jodie Erica

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