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  • Jodie Erica

American band Keep Flying lands in MK for final UK gig

MK11 Live Music Venue in Milton Keynes was graced with so much music talent, all in one evening! We had some of our local rising bands Junk Season, Audionasties, and Tearaway Manor support the very welcomed and already much-missed headliner, Keep Flying.

What an honour it was for Milton Keynes to be the last and final gig destination for this soaring punk rock band, Keep Flying. Originally from the Northeast USA, the unique 6-piece band has been spotted rocking out in Grantham, Peterborough, Birmingham, Lancaster, Manchester, Warrington, Newcastle, and Glasgow for their first-ever UK tour.

What a night! MK11's stage all around was booming with lots of energy, fun, interaction, and great music from our local supporting pop-punk rock bands. It was the ideal pop punk, rock party. Each band has its own unique flair and it's always fantastic watching them perform being in their true element and enjoying each moment of it all.

Junk Season, Audionasties, and Tearaway Manor set the tone for the evening and helped create a lot of excitement and curiosity around Keep Flying.

I had a catch-up with Junk Season before they performed to find out a bit more about them, their recent re-brand, and also their latest single release 'Teeth'.

Junk Season is making incredible progress, having also been played by BBC Introducing this year, their music, essence, and brand are really catching the eyes and ears. It's a a very exciting time for them, bring on 2024! It's only the beginning.

See more of Junk Season's performance below.

Junk Season is managed by Samii Armento, organiser of this event, Photographer/Videographer, Band Manager, and Promoter. This successful event carried much significance as it marked the end of an era for Samii as a promoter, she has made and still continues to make such a great difference to our local music community. She's a wonderful and passionate individual and it's a joy to have her represent some of our local bands in Milton Keynes. We caught up with Samii and spoke about her new endeavours.

Keep Flying ended the evening perfectly and introduced many of us to a brand-new style of pop-punk as this band's flair includes the beautiful and fun sounds of a saxophone and trombone. I spoke with Keep Flying before their performance to find out more about them as a band, they are full of great infectious energy and are super cool individual beings as well as collectively!

Keep Flying had us all entertained, laughing, bopping our heads, and purely rocking out and having fun throughout their set. They are very unique and wonderfully chaotic all in the best ways. It's hard to actually describe them, you have to see them live!

Their music is very well arranged and rehearsed, everything gelled so well together. Each band member's role plays a vital part and they all execute superbly, alongside having pure fun, now that's skills! See more of their performance below.

I am very excited for Keep Flying and all that's to come for them and very happy to have been able to witness such an awesome band perform who came all the way down from America.

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Written by Jodie Erica, Founder of TSWP, Singer/Songwriter, Music Blogger, Local Music Radio Presenter


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