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  • Jodie Erica

The Tarrows' single release show brings all the Rock and roll to Bedford Esquires!

The Esquires was home to a full house of rock and indie music, showcased by a very talented array of bands, The Green Sands, Blunden, The Monologue Lies, Electric Circus, and The Tarrows themselves.

The Tarrows - Fiftymm Photography

Each band presented its own unique sounds which all complemented one another, they all got everyone in the building bobbing their heads, with a vast majority rocking it out with their best moves. The crowd was super interactive and supportive with every group on stage, it was beautiful to witness and it was so great to be a part of it.

The Tarrows' single-release show was created to celebrate the release of their brand-new single 'While She Weeps'.

The superwoman behind this, Samii Armento, is the Manager of The Tarrows, and also a Photographer and Videographer, she had everything curated perfectly which resulted in a very successful evening for everybody.

Not only did the show provide a home for the bands to rock out, express themselves and their craft, and just simply 'be' as the awesome musicians that they are, but an evening of union was formed, a musical interconnectedness.

Everyone at the venue was having a good time and many got the chance to see and experience new music from local bands they hadn't seen before.

The Tarrows' performance was very energetic and lively, you could tell they were enjoying every moment of it which is what we love to see. They are very friendly and charismatic with the crowd, very natural when it comes to engaging with their listeners and getting them involved.

What may be daunting to some artists and bands to do on stage, The Tarrows show no fear as they instinctively connect with the present moment and go with the flow, owning their time on the stage.

Speaking to a couple of crowd members at the end of the evening, Jack and Travis professed their support for The Tarrows and stated "We think they are sensational, we have seen them a few times."

Whilst new Tarrows listener Ashley commented, "They have loads of great energy, it's always great to hear new recordings and new sounds. They are unique and it has been an all-around great event".

I had a chat with The Tarrows band members, Matt, Taylor, and Nate after the show to learn some more about them, see below:

The Tarrows are very passionate about their music and their creative process, they write their own music and are very proud to be doing a lot of it as DIY musicians which I feel a lot of us fellow artists and bands can relate to and aspire to.

They have all grown up with dreams of becoming rockstars, listening to a wide variety of idols between them, a few being Pearl Jam, Oasis, David Bowie, Slipknot, and more.

From their performance at Bedford Esquires, It's safe to say that The Tarrows are already rockstars.

'While She Weeps' is an exciting eye-opener into what's to come with The Tarrows' future releases. Matt has given us some further insight behind the single and says, "While She Weeps is an old song written about being drawn to broken people because you don't feel well put together yourself. I never thought I would release it if Taylor hadn't rated it and said that we should! It went through a few versions before this final one was released".

I asked The Tarrows what their favourite on-stage music memory is so far, and the response was, "This single release show. There was a moment where I looked out to the crowd (Matt) and was like... damn, these people are actually here to see us, it's wild! I remember thinking this and turning to Taylor feeling happy, these things are so cool to do when you are doing it with people you have known since a teenager".

It's wholesome to see musicians in full swing doing what they love, experience an evening yourself with The Tarrows at their next gig located at MK11 Live Music Venue.

The Tarrows - Fiftymm Photography

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Written by Jodie Erica, Founder of TSWP, Singer/Songwriter, Music Blogger, Local Music Radio Presenter


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