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Rising UK R&B/Soul artist releases 'Feels Like A Breakup' EP!

Mikyla Cara is a Luton-based independent UK R&B/Soul queen with a huge ever-growing repertoire of original music that speaks straight to the soul.

Mikyla's brand new EP 'Feels Like A Break Up' is a must-have on your playlists, each song expresses personal experiences that I feel we can all relate to. It's amazing to have soulful artists such as Mikyla continually contributing realness, vulnerability, emotions, and powerful life lessons to the music scene and listener's ears.

Photo Credit: NINETYII

Catching up with Mikyla, she gives me some insight into her latest project, "It pretty much documents my dating experiences and the emotional roller-coaster thus far (it's not been pretty lol). Each song is a story related to a specific person, and although they bruised my heart a tad and it felt sad, not one of them was actually my boyfriend (liberties!), hence the title 'Feels Like A Break Up'."

Music helps us embrace our emotions and supports us in expressing ones that we don't quite know to express, that's the real beauty of music and what it does for us. Forever grateful for talented spirits like Mikyla, who shares her stories through

musical magic to help support us and aid growth through all of these relatable situations.

Mikyla's lead singles of her EP called 'Echo' and 'Small Talk' really set the tone and immediately had and kept us hooked with her beautiful unique tone and vocals, catchy melodies, a mixture of oldskool and modern R&B sounds, and not forget her storytelling!

Mikyla's songwriting hits deep! There are soIt's many powerfully written phrases in 'Small Talk' for example "It's a full-time job, just tryna find love", and "I'm addicted to finding love, regardless of the odds" and there is plenty more to listen to in 'Feels Like A Break Up'!

Watch Mikyla Cara's music video for 'Small Talk' below

Q&A Get to know: Mikyla Cara

Q: How did it all start for you with music? Are you from a musical or artistic family? How long have you been doing this? 

A: The first time I realised I loved to sing was in primary school. There was an assembly and I got the chance to perform in front of everyone, of course, I sang 'My Heart Will Go On' (banger) - probably not very well lol but I remember the feeling I felt during the performance and that's when I realised this was something I wanted to continue doing. Fast forward 15 years and here I am, creating my own music to share with the world. 

I started writing songs and releasing them in 2017. Before then, I wrote songs but didn't take it as seriously, however it had always been a source of healing for me, a way to transpire my emotions into art. Furthermore, after becoming a Mum for the first time, I suddenly had this newfound meaning to life, and it drove me to want to pursue music in a way I hadn't before. I wanted to show my daughter that she too can do anything she puts her mind to. She really is the main reason for it. 

Q: Do you write your music, produce, or play any instruments? 

I write all my lyrics and melodies and I collaborate predominantly with my talented friend and producer Scarz. In recent times I have begun to dabble in composition and production also, which is an exciting venture. I often use the piano as a tool for composing chord progressions and ideas. 

Q: Who musically inspires you? Can also add any general inspirations, they don't have to be just musicians or famous individuals. 

Mostly I am inspired by life experiences and other people's stories. I enjoy writing songs that people can relate to and feel connected to. I am also inspired by many other musical artists, such as the soul greats and the R&B legends. 

Q: How could you describe your music? 

I would describe my music as a blend of old skool R&B, soulful melodies, with a sprinkle of pop. Most of my songs are written from my personal experiences, so the lyrical content often brings a sense of storytelling that can be heard and felt. 

Q: What's your creative process like? 

This varies massively. Sometimes the lyrics come first and I either write them in my notes or record a voice note. Other times I work out chord progressions and begin to create melodies that way. 

Q: What are your interests outside of music? 

I focus heavily on my health, in all aspects. I weight train and I practice meditation and reiki. All of these things keep my mind, body and soul in check. 

Q: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

Definitely Alicia Keys, I love her!

Q: Do you have some interesting facts about yourself that you can tell us new and existing listeners?

Before I started writing my own music, I studied musical theatre and dreamed of being in the West End. I'm also a crazy cat lady (if you follow me already you will know this haha). I am also vegan (don't hate me), I love animals ❤️

Photo Credit: NINETYII


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