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New harmonic duo in Milton Keynes releases official debut single!

Updated: Feb 18

You may have seen a wonderful duo called The Two performing in venues around MK this year, gracing many open mic stages and even Midsummer Place.

You won't forget them once you hear their beautiful melodic sounds, but also the fact that they are identical twins makes them such a cool dynamic of a duo.

Even though their harmonious harmonies gel so beautifully together, and of course their voices complement one another, you can still see and hear their individual-ness as well as togetherness. Truly unique and so fun to watch as they bounce off each other with their singing and personalities, they get you grooving!

The Two, Natalie and Sasha, have very recently released their first debut single 'Jealous' which gives an exciting introduction to their talents, sounds and characters. You can listen to this on all major streaming platforms including YouTube. Run it up!!!

Speaking with the Two, they have revealed themselves to be huge 'Swifties'! They have found much inspiration from Taylor Swift's diverse sounds and lyrical brilliance. Growing up listening to various genres, including a lot of RnB, Rihanna and Beyonce, you may hear a blend of styles in The Two's new catchy and relatable single, 'Jealous', and new music to come.

Both Natalie and Sasha have confirmed that their love for singing and music stems way back to their childhood years, with Sasha playing guitar since she was 11/12 and Natalie singing, but Natalie has also made a goal to be able to play guitar too like her sister.

They both enjoy song-writing and completely delved into the writing process of 'Jealous', as much as you may be thinking "Is there a juicy backstory behind this song?", there isn't... but! there is such an admirable and wonderful imagination that these sisters share, and of course, a much-possessed talent that I personally hope continues to be recognised.

The Two are both incredible musicians that have a very bright path ahead of them, considering they have only started to pursue a musical career this year after becoming victim to the same musician mentality that I feel we have all come succumbed to at one stage or another, they have made and created amazing opportunities since deciding to just go for it!

In The Two's own words, "We probably delayed our dream by thinking that it couldn’t be possible. It’s only when we realised that our dream career was not going to come knocking at the door, that we really decided we needed to act and step up…and here we are!".

It's an inspiring message for all musicians and I wish nothing but the best for The Two, and I look forward to continuing to cheer them on throughout their musical journey!

Please show love and support for your local musicians, singers and bands, of all kinds! A listen, like, share, or follow, can really go a long way and it means a lot.

If you want to catch The Two live, WHICH YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD! Just to put it out there in caps!

They are performing next at:

  • The Royal Oak in Aspley Heath - Sunday 17th September between 2 - 4pm

  • Newport Pagnell Sports Bar - Monday 2nd October from 8pm

  • Saturday 18th November between 1pm - 2pm at HMV Milton Keynes

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