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  • Jodie Erica

Debating a tour of the Harry Potter Studios in Watford?

Updated: Feb 18

Are you debating a date night in the Wizarding World? Are you a Potterhead yet to experience the magical journey yourself?

It's a no-brainer as to why the Harry Potter Studio Tour is award-winning, not even pictures or videos do it justice. From one HP fan to another, this is an absolute MUST-SEE experience if you haven't been yet, and if you have... well, let's go again!

If you know all about your loved ones' Hogwarts obsession, then this would be the perfect surprise date.

I created a small collation of mine and my partners' fantastic experience to help provide some small insights, bearing in mind, the below contains only snippets, there is so much more to see when you are there.

I first visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour 6 years ago, being older and more attentive this time around, I left even more of a Harry Potter fan than I was before which I did not think was possible.

I feel like even if you're not the biggest Harry Potter enthusiast going, it's still such a great experience seeing how a lot of this magical world was created, and I heard, that even some people have left the tour as new HP fanatics after entering as a nonfan.

There are so many incredible things to see on this tour, take a walk through Diagon Alley, see original props and outfits, and embark on an eery stroll through the new forbidden forest, there is plenty to keep you engaged, and in my case, starstruck.

Plus, you really get to see the inside scoop of how the Wizarding World came to creation.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour makes a unique and enjoyable date, whether it's in the day or in the evening, it's so much fun for a couple as you could also make an exciting weekend of it.

Highly recommend.

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