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Stevie Jones and The Wildfires release lead single 'Carmen' from forthcoming third studio album

This four-piece power band has released a stunning new track on all major streaming platforms that brings such a nostalgic sound to the ears.

Photo credit: Neil Matthews

Stevie Jones and The Wildfires are known for their acoustic-driven, modern alternative rock music, always presenting such beautiful melodies, meaningful words, and stories, the kind of sounds that get you lost within your headphones.

The new lead single 'Carmen' is a true representation of this, it's a unique composition that truly captivates you from start to finish.

The instrumentation mixed with Stevie's vocals is so catchy, melodic, and heartfelt.

Stevie Jones and The Wildfires express, "Carmen is a reflective moment looking at a love lost, calling out to nature for answers with an acoustic rock/Americana backdrop inspired by artists such as Ryan Adams, War On Drugs, and Tom Petty".

Stevie explains some backstory about their single 'Carmen', "Many compositions of mine including Carmen were inspired by solitary walks late in the day in the fields and woods around my village, during Covid lockdowns.

It’s a reflective moment looking at a love lost calling out to nature for answers. I was thinking about an ex-girlfriend from almost 30 years ago when I was living in Germany and suddenly all these really strong emotions came flooding back. I got home sat at the kitchen table and the words and music came out. I think the pandemic gave so many of us the time to reflect."

Much emotion is expressed throughout this single, in the words, the vocals but also the instruments. When the guitar increasingly kicks in and leads from 2:17... wow!

Stevie then comes back in with his vocals which carry a soothing tone, one of which sounds experienced, keeping you connected at all times.

You would envision 'Carmen' to be playing in all of the old-school romantic rom-com movies, it fits so many scenes as it fits many emotions and experiences.

It's an addictive sound, one that becomes even more compelling when listened to in headphones, fully submersed. I highly recommend listening to it this way.

Catching up with Stevie and The Wildfires, they reveal a couple of their biggest inspirations such as David Bowie, The Clash, and Counting Crows, to musicians such as Fish, New Model Army, and Ryan Adams.

Stevie tells me, "We have myself for vocals, Dave Carter on drums, Bob Dabrowski on bass, and his son Alfie on guitar. Dave is an incredible all-round musician, he also plays guitars and keys on the album. It’s a good dynamic having father and son on either side of me on stage. They are great guys to work with who thankfully love making original music as much as I do. I write the songs and they help create the sounds in my head into full band versions.

We love honest and gutsy music of all types that takes you somewhere."

'Carmen' sets the tone and has certainly created excitement for Stevie Jones at The Wildfires' third studio album named 'Clarity in Dusk' recorded at Deadline Studios in Leicester with producer Adam Ellis, soon to be released this year '23.

Finishing up the conversation with Stevie and The Wildfires, I asked Stevie to tell us 1 cool fact about him.

Stevie says, "For 30 years alongside music my day job was mainly as an archaeologist. And yes I was (briefly) on Time Team once. When I quit my job in 2009 at Leicester University to focus on music the guy who took over finishing off my site reports found Richard III in the car park the following year.

Our first album ‘Stratigraphic Heart’ is all about my time as a digger."

If you would like to keep up to date with Stevie and The Wildfires' journey, know where they will be performing next, and be sure not to miss their upcoming releases, head to their website below.

Written by Jodie Erica, Founder of TSWP, Singer/Songwriter, Music Blogger, Local Music Radio Presenter

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