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  • Jodie Erica

Introducing Lore of The Woodman! A hypnotic instrumental rock band from Milton Keynes.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The Lore of The Woodman is a three-piece instrumental band that captivates listeners from the get-go! If you long for melodic music to transport you to a place of calm, nostalgia, and bliss - This band is for you!

The Lore of The Woodman lures you in with their atmospheric and hypnotic jams, immersing their listeners into uplifting melodies.

Listening to '3am' or 'Lucid' gets you lost within your headphones, submerging into a sweet abyss full of positive frequencies. It's euphonious.

Their latest album 'Leave Everything Aside' is the perfect depiction of their music and how it makes you feel, with 9 unique tracks, there is one for everyone to connect with.

Here is the official video for 'Lucid'.

Band members Cam and Martin have crafted their debut album 'Leave Everything Aside Now' over the past couple of years, mentioning, "It has been a labour of love. We have used this album as a vehicle for pushing our limits as musicians.

The result of this is a truly uplifting experience for the listener, and our third band member Salvo, has picked up the sticks for the band, bringing his own dynamic flair to the rhythm section". Click here to listen to the full digital album.

Keep up-to-date with the latest from Lore of The Woodman:

Written by Jodie Erica, Founder of TSWP, Singer/Songwriter, Music Blogger, Local Music Radio Presenter

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